The Aleit Academy will be closed from 17 Dec 2018 – 14 Jan 2019.

Paul du Preez

Class of 2016

Lounge Co

What I’m doing now: Event and Wedding furniture hire and styling

My Story:  After completing his training at the Aleit Academy, Paul joined the dynamic team of Okasie where he gained valuable experience as a decorator, specializing in floral, and lounging arrangements. He has started his own event hiring company and he expanded his endeavours to event planning and management. Style, cost-effectiveness and elegance are his keywords in planning and executing events that suits the client’s needs.

Keys to success: Drive, Don’t let people get you down they will always try to, Hatter gonna hate Fu#K them, do what you do and focus on that.

What I love: Making people happy and delivering an excellent service. 

What I don’t love: Bad service and a don’t care approaches to life