The Aleit Academy will be closed from 17 Dec 2018 – 14 Jan 2019.

Leigh Harding

Class of 2016

Dear Leigh Social Media Agency & Laurent

What I am doing now: Dear Leigh is a Social Media & Content Creation Agency that helps businesses manage their online profiles. So you’ll always find me behind a computer or mobile screen.

More about me: A Cape Town native, an avid reader and a solid day-dreamer who enjoys traveling, exploring historical sites, a good cuppa English Breakfast tea and all things social media…is just a little to know about me!

My story: A graduate of The Aleit Academy, I have always dreamt if becoming a Social Media & Content Creator within the weddings and events industry. I was given the incredible opportunity to intern at a top South African Wedding Directory here in Cape Town and after six months of proving myself, I was sitting at my desk with my dream job in my hands. Queue the cheesy celebratory music and dancing!

Not long into, I began dreaming again and itching to create my own platform where I could write, create and inspire women like myself. I wanted to create something that others could say, “I can follow my dreams too!” And with a skip in my step and an impressive work ethic ‘Dear Leigh’ was born to the world for all to see.

What I Love: I love to immerse myself in a project, to live and breathe the task at hand. There’s nothing better than being able to have everything you do become a part of you and take up a special place in your heart.

What I don’t Love: Indecisiveness and disrespect is something I don’t love to see in a person, it’s something I’ll always try to change in someone.

What Makes Me Happy: My Persian cat, Mr Tumbles because he’s super cute and fluffy. And my job!