The Aleit Academy will be closed from 17 Dec 2018 – 14 Jan 2019.

Bianca Bressan-Dry

Class of 2017

Owner of Event Architect

What I’m doing now: I am the owner of my own company called Event Architect. Therefor being the owner means the following: I am… The Creative Director, The Accountant, The operational manager, The Secretary, The HR manager, The driver, The cleaner, The eternal student (always learning and taking in new things) and many more…When owning your own company you need to be able to have an understanding of all of these aspects in your company and need to be willing to step into any of these roles at any given time if needed for the good of the company.

More about me: I am passionate about my work and I always give 110% when working on a project.  If I am not working, I am spending time with my husband and we are plotting and planning our next adventure together. We love to travel and trying new things together.

Keys to success: Is a combination of hard work, determination and passion sprinkled with a little bit of luck along the way…

What I Love:

My husband & my dog: I love spending quality time at home with my hubby and my chihuahua – Tequila.

Family & friends: I believe family and friends are the reason for living –  so make time for them.

My job:  I wake up in the mornings excited to go work  – having the freedom to manage my own company and being able to be creative and create a work environment which suits my personality is amazing.

What I don’t Love: Laziness