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Sabrina Beattie

Harare, Zimbabwe

What advice would you give to 5-year-old you?
Shoes are not that bad – you just have to get used to the feeling of wearing them.

If you could do any job in the world where money did not matter, what would it be?
Go fight to save the dolphins in Taiji, Japan.

If you could make one thing “un-exist” what would it be?
Pineapple on pizza.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years’ time?

OTHER Second Years

  • Sabrina Beattie | Harare, Zimbabwe

    Sabrina Beattie | Harare, Zimbabwe

    Best pick up line ever:
    Are you from Africa? Cause you’re a frican babe.

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  • Suzanne Odendaal | Betty's Bay

    Suzanne Odendaal | Betty's Bay

    What one thing don’t you get?
    How some people with no degrees or experience get the most qualified jobs

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  • Lara Edwards | Stellenbosch

    Lara Edwards | Stellenbosch

    What advice would you give to 5 year old you?
    Enjoy your sleep while you still can.

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