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Nicola Yates

Somerset West

What advice would you give to 5 year old you?
Don’t wish your life away.

If you could do any job in the world where money did not matter, what would it be?
Hannah Montanas assistant.

Best pick up line ever:
Are you the cure for Alzheimer’s? Because you’re unforgettable.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years’ time?
Planning weddings/events in New York and all over the world.

OTHER Second Years

  • Mary-Jo Sidi | Bloemfontein

    Mary-Jo Sidi | Bloemfontein

    Finish the sentence:
    The recipe….. The recipe for success for a sugar cookie is a lot of butter.

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  • Tristan Erasmus | Paarl

    Tristan Erasmus | Paarl

    Best pick up line ever:
    Hey baby, did you fart? Because you just blew me away.

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  • Lize Eramus | Pongola

    Lize Eramus | Pongola

    What do you wish someone had told you ages ago?
    To appreciate all the little things in life, before it’s gone

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