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Nelleke Sills


What advice would you give to 5 year old you?
Eat that chocolate and don’t stop with landloop.

If you could do any job in the world where money did not matter, what would it be?
Professional Avo eater.

Best pick up line ever:
“ Grabs a block of ice”
“ Throws ice on floor ( hopefully it breaks )”
SAYS: Now that I broke the Ice, what’s your name?

OTHER First Years

  • Lize-Mari Crawford | Stellenbosch

    Lize-Mari Crawford | Stellenbosch

    Dumbest question someone’s ever asked you?
    There are no dumb questions.

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  • Carmen Curschmann | Windhoek

    Carmen Curschmann | Windhoek

    Sometimes I ask myself…..
    Why is the world so unfair

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  • Elisha Swart | Oudtshoorn

    Elisha Swart | Oudtshoorn

    What’s your signature dance move?
    Swivelling hips and snarling lips.

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