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Lize-Mari Crawford


As a kid, what did you like more than anything?
I loved playing in the mud and climbing trees.

Your most rock ‘n roll moment to date?
Jumped off Deunkrans (20-meter jump).

What situation would you never want to be in?
Being arrested but being innocent.

OTHER First Years

  • Danelle Vermaak | Villiersdorp

    Danelle Vermaak | Villiersdorp

    Dumbest question someone’s ever asked you?
    “Are you okay?” when I’m crying.

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  • Nikita Bouchier | East London

    Nikita Bouchier | East London

    Finish the sentence: The recipe…..
    Of life is mistakes and hope

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  • Kirsty Duxbury | Harare

    Kirsty Duxbury | Harare

    If you could be a famous painting, which one would it be?
    Starry Night

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