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Lara Edwards


Three songs you’ll put on your ultimate mixed tape:
Somewhere over the rainbow – Israel Kamakwiwo’ole
High Hopes – Kodaline
Lights down low – Max

Who would you like to be stuck in an elevator with?
Channing Tatum

When are you happiest?
When I’m on the beach

What would you most like to change about the world?
The way people treat one another

OTHER Second Years

  • Suzanne Odendaal | Betty's Bay

    Suzanne Odendaal | Betty's Bay

    What one thing don’t you get?
    How some people with no degrees or experience get the most qualified jobs

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  • Robyn Van der Walt | Windhoek

    Robyn Van der Walt | Windhoek

    Where do you see yourself in 20 years’ time?
    Well, a successful business, and marriage I’m not too sure about that yet but we see how it goes.

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  • Keonna Strauss | East London

    Keonna Strauss | East London

    What would you most like to change about the world?
    It shouldn’t matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are. How you treat people ultimately tells all.

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