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Kailey Mackintosh


What’s your signature dance move?
The Caterpillar (it’s like the worm, but with more hair)

Best advice you’ve ever received?
Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Best advice you’ve ever given?
If you’re living to please everybody else, then you’ll never please yourself.

OTHER First Years

  • Danielle Visser | Kuilsrivier

    Danielle Visser | Kuilsrivier

    What do you wish someone had told you ages ago?
    To work hard!

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  • Kayla Linders | Stellenbosch

    Kayla Linders | Stellenbosch

    Sometimes I ask myself…..
    Is it even worth it to be angry at certain things because I really do have a choice to get angry or not.

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  • Kailey Mackintosh | Harare

    Kailey Mackintosh | Harare

    What one thing don’t you get?
    Morning people

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