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Julita Hanekom


What’s your signature dance move?
Yet to be discovered

Best advice you’ve ever received?
“The glass is always half full and never half empty”
– My Dad

Best advice you’ve ever given?
Everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t understand the reason now – one day you will.

OTHER First Years

  • Roxanne Thatcher | East London

    Roxanne Thatcher | East London

    Your most rock ‘n roll moment to date?
    I’ve been to two Justin Bieber concerts…

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  • Sanri Breytenbach | Ballito

    Sanri Breytenbach | Ballito

    If you could make one thing “un-exist” what would it be?

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  • Elena Schutte | Venterstad

    Elena Schutte | Venterstad

    What situation would you never want to be in?
    Telling someone I ran over their pet

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