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Elena Schutte


What’s your signature dance move?
I don’t have a dance move

Best advice you’ve ever received?
Not everyone in the world is going to like you accept it.

Best advice you’ve ever given?
Don’t over think just do.

OTHER First Years

  • Nicole Redgard | Milnerton

    Nicole Redgard | Milnerton

    What one thing don’t you get?
    Value on money.

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  • Elisha Swart | Oudtshoorn

    Elisha Swart | Oudtshoorn

    What’s your signature dance move?
    Swivelling hips and snarling lips.

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  • Lara Van Niekerk | Harrismith

    Lara Van Niekerk | Harrismith

    What is the last book you read?
    I’m not a reader.

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