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Delaine Wright


What’s your signature dance move?
I’d most probably just stick to “sokkie”

Best advice you’ve ever received?
Where ever you are, be all there

As a kid, what did you like more than anything?
The excitement of a Saturday evening Christmas bed in front of the TV and watching cartoons

Your most rock ‘n roll moment to date?
Basically my entire matric weekend

OTHER Second Years

  • Sabrina Beattie | Harare, Zimbabwe

    Sabrina Beattie | Harare, Zimbabwe

    Best pick up line ever:
    Are you from Africa? Cause you’re a frican babe.

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  • Jana Pienaar | Durbanville

    Jana Pienaar | Durbanville

    What one thing you are really good at?
    Thinking on my feet.

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  • Ilandri de Goede | Worcester, Western Cape

    Ilandri de Goede | Worcester, Western Cape

    If you could make one thing “un-exist” what would it be?
    Tamatoes and “boerewors”

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