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Carmen Curschmann


What’s your signature dance move?
Head banger

Best advice you’ve ever received?
A smile goes a long way!

Best advice you’ve ever given?
Live’s hard, get used to it!

OTHER First Years

  • AnneMay Hopkins | Stellenbosch

    AnneMay Hopkins | Stellenbosch

    Best pick up line ever:
    Does your dad have a juicer, because you’re juicy.

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  • Andrea van Dyk | Langebaan

    Andrea van Dyk | Langebaan

    What one thing don’t you get?
    Tomato sauce on bread

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  • Elisha Swart | Oudtshoorn

    Elisha Swart | Oudtshoorn

    What’s your signature dance move?
    Swivelling hips and snarling lips.

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