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Anri Nortje


What’s your signature dance move?
Kicking sand on Adele’s song; “Hello.”

Best advice you’ve ever received?
“Eat your vegetables.”

Best advice you’ve ever given?
“No one else knows what they’re doing either.”

As a kid, what did you like more than anything?

Your most rock ‘n roll moment to date?
When Wesley Schultz, the lead singer of The Lumineers walked through the crowd I was standing in.

OTHER Second Years

  • Kayleigh Behrens | Worcester

    Kayleigh Behrens | Worcester

    When are you happiest?
    When something small, but significant to me, happens.

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  • Suzanne Odendaal | Betty's Bay

    Suzanne Odendaal | Betty's Bay

    What one thing don’t you get?
    How some people with no degrees or experience get the most qualified jobs

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  • Keisha Courtney Thompson | Cape Town

    Keisha Courtney Thompson | Cape Town

    What would you most like to change about the world?
    The poverty and water crisis.

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