The Aleit Academy believes that teamwork makes the dream work. The theoretical components of our qualification are all presented in collaboration with various leading industry professionals. We incorporate these professional lectures into our Event Coordination Diploma coursework so that our students can learn from their thought processes and decision-making skills.

Each external part-time lecturer, workshop facilitator and industry leader is uniquely selected for their ability to share their valuable knowledge with our students. Their mentorship is extremely important – not only on the theoretical front but in teaching our students how these components work practically.

This dynamic team of part-time lecturers consists of, but is not limited to, the following industry professionals:

  • Debbie Laubscher (owner of iSimplify) who is a computer specialist with the kindest heart. Debbie facilitates Computer Literacy for our first year students.
  • Luke van Rensburg is Zeitz MOCAA’s general manager. He brings his real-time practical know-how into our first year classroom as he spills the beans on Health & Safety for Events.
  • Number crunching is her thing! Erica Heunis is a professional accountant and business owner who assists our final year students in mastering the art of accounting and more specifically, event budgets.
  • MC Coetzer and Chris Vos are business owners who bring the excitement of being an entrepreneur to the classroom. With the focus on developing a business plan, the addition of our Entrepreneurship and Small Business course sets the cornerstone for those graduates who aim to start their own business one day.

The Aleit Academy is passionate about education and the theoretical learning experience. Along with the theoretical components, we also believe in affording our students opportunities to gain hands-on, practical experience so that they can put their newly acquired theoretical knowledge to the test. It is for this reason that we strive for a 50/50 balance between practical and theoretical modules and course elements.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we believe education is so important:

  • A fantastic job and an excellent social reputation are two of the biggest benefits of being an educated individual. We believe that education plays an important role in a promising and secure future and a balanced life.
  • Education aids independence in financial planning and in making big decisions in your life and your career.
  • Through completing a tertiary qualification, most people realise their dreams and work toward reaching their full potential in order to be experts in their field.
  • Education provides you with the confidence to express your views and opinions amongst friends and in the work place.
  • Education helps you become an active member of society and participate in the ongoing changes and developments happening all around you.

This is exactly why we believe it is so crucial to incorporate industry professionals’ first-hand experiences to our syllabus, so as to foster in our students a practical understanding of what lies beyond the world of studies. We want you to chase your dreams and accomplish each of your goals, while building on your current knowledge! Don’t let these trying times leave you stagnant – challenge yourself in this very different “new normal”! We are here to assist you in building your future in the extremely creative and versatile world of the event industry.