The Aleit Academy | Student Accommodation

The Aleit Academy has recently expanded our dynamic offering by including beautiful student housing to our portfolio. We believe that fostering a student community on and off campus is imperative to success. Our students who are placed in our luxury apartments get to enjoy the best of both res-life, and private dwelling, in a safe environment, close to campus! Living in such close proximity to [...]

The Aleit Academy | Alumni in the Industry

The Aleit Academy has introduced approximately 250 graduates to the wonderful and versatile industry of Hospitality and Events. They have all followed their own path and taken up or created unique opportunities for themselves within the trade. Of these alumni The Aleit Group is proud to employ 14 themselves! The Aleit Academy is proud to affirm that all our graduates boast copious knowledge and practical [...]

Part-time Lecturers

The Aleit Academy believes that teamwork makes the dream work. The theoretical components of our qualification are all presented in collaboration with various leading industry professionals. We incorporate these professional lectures into our Event Coordination Diploma coursework so that our students can learn from their thought processes and decision-making skills. Each external part-time lecturer, workshop facilitator and industry leader is uniquely selected for their ability [...]

The Aleit Academy Lecturers | Meet the Team

The dream of building South Africa’s best tertiary institution specifically for event coordination started 11 years ago when creative, Aleit Swanepoel, and business partner, Hans Roosenschoon, saw the rising need for professionally educated event coordinators.  The very first Aleit Academy intake had their lectures in more of a mentorship capacity - around a table in a Stellenbosch coffee shop. With no specific curriculum or any [...]

The Aleit Academy | Our Story

The Aleit Academy is South Africa’s premier boutique tertiary institution, consistently producing new innovators and future Event Industry leaders. Our full-time Event Coordination diploma course is fully accredited and internationally recognized. It incorporates both theoretical components as well as hands-on, practical exposure to the industry. At the start of this year, phrases like "virtual classroom", "online lessons" and "distance learning" weren't really part of our [...]

2021 Trend Forecast. The future is waiting, patiently.

Over the last couple of months, the whole world has been in turmoil, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. As much as we would like to believe this to be over in a few weeks, we need to remain realistic that this will have a long-term effect on our industry and on the way we do things. Looking at the global trend of movement from this [...]

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