We are so proud of these Aleit Academy graduates. These are merely a few of the many success stories our Alumni have to share!


Class of 2015

Creative Florist at Fleur le cordeur

I am currently working at Fleur le Cordeur doing floral installations and decor for high-end events and weddings.

 I love being active and try and live a healthy but balanced life. One of my hobbies is to scuba- dive, it is absolutely amazing, it’s like experiencing a different world every time and the beauty is endless.

Work hard, never by pass an opportunity and most of all always love what you do.

I love working with people and making their visions become reality. I love being creative and styling flowers, taking something and making it beautiful.

The thing that really makes me the happiest is to know that you have played a part in making every Brides day special and you were part of something big that changed their lives forever, seeing them so happy and in love.


Class of 2016

Owner & Founder of Amo Creative

Amo Creative is an events company that does it all. If it’s a celebration I’ll plan it. I also have a huge love for shoot production as it pushes me to think outside the box with each concept I have to come up with.

I am a Stellenbosch based event coordinator, with a huge love for creating the perfect moment for people to celebrate life. It all started while I was still in school and just grew to where I now have my own business.

– Try to be one step ahead, and expect the unexpected.

– “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” African Proverb

I love organising events because with every event you create experiences that people will remember.

I do not like working with people who are not organised, do not have goals and who are not prepared to walk the extra mile to reach their goals.

Seeing how happy I make people by just doing my job.

I always had a love for planning celebrations and should have probably studied it straight after I matriculated, but I ended up studying psychology for 2 years. If only I listened to my award I was given in grade 12, stating that in 10 years I will be a Hollywood party planner.


Class of 2016

Lounge Co

Event and Wedding furniture hire and styling.

After completing his training at the Aleit Academy, Paul joined the dynamic team of Okasie where he gained valuable experience as a decorator, specializing in floral, and lounging arrangements. He has started his own event hiring company and he expanded his endeavours to event planning and management. Style, cost-effectiveness and elegance are his keywords in planning and executing events that suits the client’s needs.

Drive, Don’t let people get you down they will always try to, Hatter gonna hate Fu#K them, do what you do and focus on that.

Making people happy and delivering an excellent service. 

Bad service and a don’t care approaches to life


Class of 2015

Design & Account Manager at Electric Egg Brand Management

Founder of Bask Photography

My position requires creative insight for multiple brands. I love photography and I have successfully launched my own brand that aims to capture every moment!

I am a 24 year old Creative Project Manager for Granny The Wolf Creative. My days are never the same and most days consists of a creative workload in some form of design, coordination, brand development and management, social media management, marketing and product research/design. Oh and lets not forget the odd styled photo shoot here and there, I love those.

Being creative requires some guts, and everyone won’t always agree with you or like it. Don’t let it stop you from expressing yourself.

Sketch art and design with a different take on how you portray a brand/product.

Drawing for hours on a rainy day or making a breakthrough with a design concept.


Class of 2012

Operational Manager of a|CREATE.

Find a balance and own it.

There’s too many things to mention.

Standing in queues and sitting in traffic.


Class of 2016

Ebert Steyn Films

I’m currently working alongside my significant other (Ebert) running a film production company. We’re involved in many different facet’s of the film industry wedding videography is our main focus.

// Challenge yourself frequently and push yourself outside your comfort zone often.// Don’t be afraid to fail or try something new – you’ve got to be a beginner before you can be anything else

// Don’t follow the crowd. Cliche, I know, but your qualities and values are what makes you different from every other person on earth – learn your strengths and use that to your advance.// Be determined. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t sweat the small things.

In all honesty, there are very things in life that beat a good cup of tea. Except maybe an eggs Benedict with that good cup of tea? I always appreciate beautiful packaging and Ebert is pretty great.
And dogs, obviously.

Balmy summer evenings, a glass of wine and good conversation. Add pizza to that equation and we have a winner. Oh, and anybody who knows me would tell you that I have a (major) weakness for chocolate brownies and ice cream.


Class of 2017

Owner of Event Architect

I am the owner of my own company called Event Architect. Therefore being the owner means the following: I am… The Creative Director, The Accountant, The operational manager, The Secretary, The HR manager, The driver, The cleaner, The eternal student (always learning and taking in new things) and many more…When owning your own company you need to be able to have an understanding of all of these aspects in your company and need to be willing to step into any of these roles at any given time if needed for the good of the company.

Is a combination of hard work, determination and passion sprinkled with a little bit of luck along the way…

My husband & my dog: I love spending quality time at home with my hubby and my chihuahua – Tequila.

Family & friends: I believe family and friends are the reason for living – so make time for them.

My job: I wake up in the mornings excited to go work – having the freedom to manage my own company and being able to be creative and create a work environment which suits my personality is amazing.


Class of 2016

Dear Leigh Social Media Agency & Quoin Rock

Dear Leigh is a Social Media & Content Creation Agency that helps businesses manage their online profiles. So you’ll always find me behind a computer or mobile screen.

A graduate of The Aleit Academy, I have always dreamt if becoming a Social Media & Content Creator within the weddings and events industry. I was given the incredible opportunity to intern at a top South African Wedding Directory here in Cape Town and after six months of proving myself, I was sitting at my desk with my dream job in my hands. Queue the cheesy celebratory music and dancing!

Not long into, I began dreaming again and itching to create my own platform where I could write, create and inspire women like myself. I wanted to create something that others could say, “I can follow my dreams too!” And with a skip in my step and an impressive work ethic ‘Dear Leigh’ was born to the world for all to see.

I love to immerse myself in a project, to live and breathe the task at hand. There’s nothing better than being able to have everything you do become a part of you and take up a special place in your heart.

Indecisiveness and disrespect is something I don’t love to see in a person, it’s something I’ll always try to change in someone.


Class of 2013

The Aleit Group

I am currently a Director at The Aleit Group, with a core focus on Aleit Events. Based in Sandton and together with our CEO, Thabo Matlhako, I manage and coordinate a team of impeccable project managers to deliver exceptional private and corporate events, both locally and abroad. We service a number of listed clients and have created a firm footprint and respectable reputation in the events industry.

Make your bed in the morning – this simple task provides many life lessons.

Do what you love and do it well.

Take the time to learn from people better, stronger and more successful than you.

Positive people; rainy days; good books; scented candles; a glass of a great red wine; and a well-prepared meal – sometimes all at once.

Electronic salt and pepper grinders, honestly, nothing annoys me more. Oh wait, heart-shaped home décor. Sies.



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